Medellin Experiences

Hi everyone!

We are a group of friends with a shared passion for creating unique and unforgettable experiences. We dream big and work hard to transform reality.

The perfect team

Discover the unbeatable synergy of Check New Places and Utopia, where unique and meaningful travel experiences meet the most vibrant and authentic parties in Colombia.

Proyecto Utopía
  • Purposeful travel to remote destinations in Colombia.
  • Co-create exclusive itineraries with the best local operators.
  • Offering experiences that generate value in the lives of travelers visiting unknown places.
  • 45+ expeditions
  • The organizer of the nomad music festival «Utopia».
  • A creator of experiences that brings people together around live music and networking.
  • Delivers experiences that capture the essence of Colombia and create memories that last a lifetime.
  • 3 music festivals
  • 25+ parties executed

This is us

Feel free to DM us. We look forward to hearing from you

Mariana Sanchez

  • Founder of Check New Places
  • Head of logistics

Maria Andrea Sanchez

  • Co-founder of Proyecto Utopía
  • Head of marketing and Communications
Experiences in medellin

Esteban Escallón

  • Co-founder of Proyecto Utopía
  • Head of operations

Where to find us?

We want to hear from you!

Reception Office

Newo La Frontera 201. Cra 43A 18 Sur 174

Reception Hours

08:00 AM – 06:00 PM


+57-301 503 1894


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